Amigos Eyecare at Pacific University


Amigos Eyecare is a student led organization at Pacific University College of Optometry which provides medical eyecare to underprivileged areas around the world -- it is similar to Doctors Without Borders for eye doctors.  Averaging eight trips worldwide per year(as well as one locally in Oregon), one of the slated trips will be to Tanzania, east-Africa in December 2018.

With the assistance of the The Oregon Sight and Hearing Foundation(a project of the Lions Club) and many other groups which help to collect ‘old glasses’, our students and doctors are able to examine & dispense glasses to those who would otherwise not have access to medical eye care and vision services.

This is an area of the world with great need, many of the nomadic people(the Maasai) have little access to healthcare of any type.  The amount of pathology & blindness in Tanzania is staggering.  Ultraviolet light exposure is the leading cause of cataract formation, it can also contribute to macular degeneration and pterygium formation. These three causes of blindness could be reduced significantly by wearing non-prescription sunglasses.

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